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Magical Marketing Services
Help You to Become an Irresistible Magnet
For Your Most Perfect Customers.


Julia Stege the Magical Marketer

Julia D. Stege, MFA

Founder of Graphic Girlz
Intuitive Branding Artist
Website Designer
Social Media Maven
Strategic Attraction CoachTM


My name is Julia D. Stege, MFA and my mission is to help you with marketing that is a true reflection of your mission, purpose and personality.

I combine years of traditional marketing and design training and experience with the powerful Law of Attraction to offer you a variety of services, trainings, and resources to help you attract your most perfect customers quickly and authentically.

Whether your need is a stunning logo and website design, or if you want to create a sustainable, fun and fulfilling marketing plan for your business, if you need help demystifying the social networks, or if you want help Attracting New Clients Online, we have what you need ...ALL IN ONE PLACE!

This is my old site. I keep it up because
it still attracts my perfect customers,
but you can see what I'm up to now at http://www.magical-marketing.com.

Go Forth and Attract!

Julia D. Stege, MFA,
(707) 823-3316
10 am - 4 pm pt

Apply now for a Complimentary Magical Marketing Strategy Session. Your honest answers to our questions will help us determine if you are a fit, and if you are, we will review your marketing challenges, in addition to what you're already doing right, and determine your best next steps for bringing your message to the world and attracting your perfect customers.

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Though we cannot give a Strategy Session to every applicant, never fear. We frequently offer Complimentary Magical Marketing Webinars. If you want to be notified of these no-cost webinars, please download your Magical Marketing Toolkit to get on our list.


barbara robins

"You Have an Understanding Other Designers Don't Have."

"Brilliant, Julia! You are so much more than a designer. Being a Strategic Attraction CoachTM and an entrepreneur who has marketed yourself online gives you an understanding other web designers don't have. I found that each step in this website makeover process connected me with the right people and experiences at just the right time. It was amazing!"

Barbara Robins, Zemira Healing


"Julia took my ideas for my brand, business card, marketing and website and created beauty
I could not imagine myself."

"Working with Julia was a dream come true. I wanted one stop shopping. Julia not only helped me come up with branding, a business card and designed my website and marketing materials, she was able to take my ideas and create beauty that I could not imagine myself.

I felt like she read my mind. Every time I said, "I don't think you're going to
understand what I'm talking about," she came up with exactly what I was trying to convey. My website and marketing pieces are really "me" and I love them!

I also learned about social networking from Julia and have begun to attract my perfect customers online.

There is something magical about Julia. I never felt alone in this process."

~ Ann Davidman, MFT



Personalized Attraction
Marketing Consultations

Each person has a unique set of goals, aspirations, desires, fantasies, and plans. My aim is to help you have it all by designing your own Strategic Attraction PlansTM to help you hone in on your intention and begin sharing your mission in a way that attracts the people you seek. In our consultation sessions I will teach you how to:

  1. Become a magical magnet for your perfect customers.
  2. Tap in to your core purpose and express that in a way that attracts clients fast.
  3. Create an authentic marketing plan that is fun and fulfilling for you.
  4. Set and maintain personal and business targets using one effective system.
  5. Name and define your business offerings attractively.
  6. Effectively determine the quality of the customers, partners and vendors you attract.
  7. Get to page one of google using free authority sites online.
  8. Demystify the popular social networks so you can finally monitize them.
  9. Master simple daily tasks to create buzz about your biz ongoingly.
  10. Get all your questions answered about how best to attract your perfect customers.

Magical Strategy Session


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