Healing by Dayna Wicks

Dayna Wicks is a teacher, counselor, minister, and bodyworker who weaves Native American, Thai, and African wisdom into her healing practice.  She assists individuals and groups with personal growth, focusing on the relationship between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  Addictive behavior patterns, including drug and alcohol treatment and recovery are her specialty. 

In addition to verbal counseling, Dayna works with the body using Reiki, hot stone massage, flower essences, Maitri Breathwork, visualization, and a variety of other techniques.

Dayna holds a Masters degree in Holistic Health, with a certificate in the Treatment of Addictive Behaviors. 

She teaches and facilitates Maitri Breathwork, and is a graduate of Stargate Mystery School's Non-ordinary Consciousness Studies Program.  Dayna is also a Minister and Mentor for the Center for Sacred Studies Ministerial Training Program.  She has been initiated into Thai, African, and Native American practices.  Dayna has been in private practice for the past ten years, internationally, and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Health Products and Services

  • Bodywork and flower essences for adults and children
  • Healthy baby, healthy mom, pre-natal, and birth support, postpartum housecalls.
  • Counseling and emotional support for addictive behavior patterns, life threatening illnesses, and end-of-life transitions.

Quotes from Clients:

“My work with Dayna has been life changing.  Her unique perception of the material and spirit world has allowed me to settle and accept places within myself,, previously invalidated.  Compassion, certainty and professional grace are the keynote qualities that she brings to every session.  I am very grateful for her and her strengths” ~Y.C.
"Dayna has helped me accelerate my spiritual growth to bring about emotional and physical healing.  She has been an unwavering guide on my journey.  Dayna embodies the true teacher/healer archetype." ~Katherine
“Having the support I receive through Dayna's unique approach to healing provides me with a cornerstone to my wellbeing.  The space to clear, envision and heal are all elements I encounter with each session.  As a mother of four in a blended family, in life partnership, working in the corporate world and private practice I couldn't do it all without you!  Gratitude to you Dayna!  Thanks for keeping me balanced.” ~Bree' Luther www.brendaluther.com

More information and Contacts Related to Dayna's Work:

Center for Sacred Studies http://www.sacredstudies.org

The Center for Sacred Studies (CSS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sustaining indigenous ways of life through cross-cultural spiritual practices, ministry and education, and a commitment to peace and unity for all peoples. CSS activities include providing prayer services, ceremonies, and a variety of gatherings for worship, according to various traditions. The purpose of these offerings is to invite individuals, families, and communities to develop devotion, and to strengthen their relationship to the Divine. CSS programs include:

* Ministerial Training Program http://www. cssministryofprayer.org

* Stargate http://www.sacredstudies.org/ Stargate.htm

* Maitri Breathwork http://www.sacredstudies.org/ GenericMaitriBWflyer.htm

For more information about Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand and the teachings of Luang Paw Charoen Panchand: http://www.thamkrabok.net
For more information about Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot and her teachings in Gabon, Africa: http://www.oyenanovillage.com

To Contact Dayna:

(650) 255-2003




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