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Herstar Invocation One, the first feminist astrological symposium, records a sacred circle cast in November 1996. Members of the circle invoked greater attention to the relationship between astrology and the entire feminist tradition of scholarship, spirituality and political activism.

First distributed as Jupiter conjoined Uranus in February 1997, Herstar Invocation One takes its place in the long line of feminist works classified in library collections as ephemera [Greek: lasting for a day, e.g. ephemeris]. Humbly packaged, given away or modestly priced, often passed from hand to hand, feminist ephemera honor free speech for females. As printed "recordings" of women's largely oral culture, ephemera allow our juicy, grass-roots thoughts to hit the page.

Ephemera do not benefit from the comparatively stable economic structure of organized publishing. These works are cheaply produced, thus physically fragile. If they do survive, they come to be treasured by scholars as the primary source documents of feminist history. Ephemera raise big questions, pose big solutions, and in retrospect, appear prophetic. Congratulations to all those who made the time to raise their voices.


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